MLP Progress

I often go to a random generator site for character practice (, I noticed they added a new feature- the Magical legend Pony (MLP for short) and gave it a try. Here’s the process of the piece!

"This small male pony is a pegasus who is smooth-talking and principled. His coat is burgandy. He has a mane that is orange, and it reminds you of a porcupine’s quills. His eyes are teal. His mark is a comb."

Druddigon Process!

It’s been a while, but rest assured I’m not dead! Here’s the process of the piece “Druddigon”

You should all know about this song, from the same makers of the famous “Gang Fight” Rebecca Black parody

Semester worth of doodles for one class. Horses, pokémon and the occasional human.

  1:37 Alladin gropes the dancing girls. DISNEY THOUGHT THEY WAS SLICK.


same color FUUUUUUUUU

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Bird Song Radio

So my roomies and I are normally too busy working to enjoy the outdoors- which is torture with all the nice weather just around the corner.

  Luckily we’ve found a solution

That’s right, you can listen to birds singing from your computer 24 hours a day, which is great when you know you’ll be indoors all day working on finals.

Bill Nye Lives! And look how much he cares about the environment! His series, Stuff Happens is really great <3

Work and Progress

Arjhflabhjjlnaldskfghjba FINALLY FINISHED. My tablet keeps crapping out on me, which slows me down like 300% and I can’t wait to get a new one. Anyhoo, one of my most recent works and the process below.

(full sized image here)

That awkward moment when you get attacked by a huge pigeon!


hahaha, I love pigeons

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Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all week

Chicago’s St Patrick’s Day Parade!

Even though it was cold, the parade was a blast! My favorites were the bagpipe players and the Clydesdale drawn carriage.

The News Crew!

these guys were really great

tee hee, there was an alien too!

They even had a dalmation!

Bear float!

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